Do you have/produce a podcast?

Paolo Pacchiana
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✅Yes? How are you using your podcast in your content strategy? ❌No? Do you think are you going to start one soon?


Lonny Kapelushnik
I don't have one and I don't think I'm going to start one soon. While I listen to many and appreciate their content I realize that it's not something I'm very interested in creating and thus, even though it's an new and catchy way to market I will avoid it.
Paolo Pacchiana
@lonnylot Thanks for your answer Lonny! What's your favorite show? :)
I host Product Hunt radio and I also host another one called Techish. I love podcasts! Such a great way to connect with people more honestly.
Paolo Pacchiana
@abadesi Totally agree with you! I think podcasts are more intimate and true than any other type of content. Your voice create empathy with the listeners and build a strong relationship