I have an idea for a selfie contest app

Andrei Nt
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Hi guys, I have an idea of launching an application, and I want to share it with you in order to get feedback. The app is based on contests. Every week will run a contest with a specific topic, so the user should do a selfie or a photo that is described in the contest. All photos will be visible in a feed and can be liked by other users. At the end of the contest, all likes will be converted in points. With those points, the user can buy from our app different stuff like phones, jewelry, watches. What do you think about such idea?


The idea of creating competition around images people post of themselves fills me with dread about how it could lead to negative situations. You would also have to be really vigilant in reviewing content to ensure nothing dodgy is posted!
Astha Sharma
I think having a photo contest app would be fun so people can explore their creative side. However, even with that you should have people compete in different levels- someone with a professional camera and editing skills could make anything look better than someone just using their cell phone. But with selfies you should either have very strict rules or just not have that aspect all together. People can be very superficial online and I don't think it's a fair way to judge.