Where else would you promote your sideproject?

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I know that every product is different and that you should go where your target audience is, but in a more generic sense, where else would you submit your sideproject, regardless in which industry it is?


Perhaps you can specify the industry your project is in and we will be able to brainstorm some places where your audience can potentially hang out? Is it SplitCSS we are talking about? :)
@alexanderisora yeah :) So far, I used indiehackers.com, hashnode.com, dev.to, sideprojects.net, betalist.com . But I am also curious for a generic case.
Anna Grigoryan
@alexanderisora @vlad86 I've created a community finder, you can sort out the communities that are in your area here: community.engineeringrowth.co
We have created a platform, where you can connect with niche bloggers, which can publish a review about your project on their blog and share it with their followers, check here https://getreviewed.org
Kelly Robert Graver
Here's a resource with over 70 places you can post your project https://www.makermove.com/direct...