Is your college education helping you in what you're working on right now?

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As you probably know, people nowadays question whether or not college is useful or it's just a waste of resources (time, money, etc). I'm curious to see what the Makers think.


In an abstract way, yes. At university I studied Economics but also learned about stuff like rational choice theory in political science modules and ancient roman philosophers in political philosophy. All these tools have been very useful in helping me make sense of the world and interact with others in the workplace. I probably rely on my Economics knowledge most of all, especially as it applies directly to business strategy and most of my roles have been growth oriented. Behavioural economics gave useful tips for dealing with people to reach the outcome I want. Curious to hear your experiences!
Niko Wallner
I have been working as a financial manager for 10 years having a degree in economics. But now I'd like to change my career. I want to start my own business. Although my economical background will help me with some legal and financial issues, I'll have to learn a lot of new things.
Yes, I studied, Maths with Computing then Advanced Computing, then Data Science. However nowadays with MOOCs I could have taught myself the skills I learned and saved myself a lot of fees. I envy those who tried a different path then came to tech as I feel they are more rounded. I use my skills by the way in my startup
Sahil Truly
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