Who needs beta testers?

Chantelle de la Rey
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Lets support each other by using each others platforms


@chantelle_de_la_rey We are looking for early adopters for our product - Website - sortedai.com Android App - https://play.google.com/store/ap... Would be great Chantelle if you can use our product and write to me your feedback.
@gaurav_shrishrimal Hey sure thing and likewise... What is your apple link? Here is my app: https://getamber.io The download links are at the bottom please let me know how you go.
@chantelle_de_la_rey Hi Chantelle, We do not have an iOS app yet, but you can try out our product on web if you want to. www.sortedai.com
Sure, please!
I could use some help testing www.getleadup.com. Planning to launch next week!