Do you have a personal website?

Tyler Lastovich
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I am finally getting around to creating a full personal site before I launch a few side projects and I am curious what other makers have come up with. I am most interested in creative takes on personal branding and storytelling. Feel free to share links to your own! Qs: If you have a site, has it been useful? How often do you update it or add content? Link the best personal site or blog (not Medium-based) you can think of, doesn't have to be in tech.


If you are thinking of creating a personal site, I strongly suggest you check out Hugo. Static websites FTW! You can actually host a Hugo website for free on Netlify.
Tyler Lastovich
@radu_ciurca 100% agreed, I love static sites. I am making my profile as a custom theme on Hugo/Netlify and editing articles through I don't think enough people understand how nice Hugo is to work with!
@tylerlastovich it's nice because it's pretty easy to work with as well. I made my website and I can't call myself a programming, I know the basics, so I guess this says a lot about it.
I use Carrd for mine and it's helpful for when I'm doing a speaking gig or writing a guest blog as folks can pull my bio from it. I think it gives people helpful context on what I do, too.
Naya Moss
I currently use Wordpress. But want to switch to Webflow soon. I had an entire creative vision which is hard with the current theme I have.
Tyler Lastovich
@nayamoss Looks pretty good already. I hear ya on the theme limitations though. I am making quite an involved full theme from scratch for mine. I moved over to Webflow for a few projects this last fall and loved it... for about 4 months. It has its own share of annoying limitations that make me hesitant to recommend it (although the visual editor is still amazing). I have been really enjoying the simplicity, full-control, and straight-forward nature of Hugo. If you are comfortable coding give it a serious look! PS: We have oddly similar backstories. Hello from another creative tech person, 3x founder, and traveler looking to move to Romania for a bit haha!
Justin Jackson
My personal site has been super useful. I try to post something new every 1-2 weeks. It's built on Statamic CMS:
David Jeremiah Fuimaono
I'm currently building my personal website on WordPress, and launching it next Thursday, August 15.
Joseph Jude
My personal website is: It has helped me in structured thinking and communication. It currently runs on a custom built software called Olai ( I haven't posted much this year since I have been focused on building Olai.