What if your users could be paid for using your product..? (app, iot, any connected tech)

Ed Torres
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So, my question is in the following scenario: 1- If Company "X" offers internet users some ethical services to monetize their data in general. 2- Some of those internet users, are your users, to whom you offer a connected tech product. 3- You are not in the data business, and you can't take advantage of the data your users produce, furthermore, you don't wan't the headacke of dealing with data regulations. 4- Your interaction with your users is unique, therefore Company "X" approaches you and says "Hey, your users produce very interesting data, and we would like to pay them for their data, and you can collect a fee per MAU" 5- You find out that some of your users are already users of Company "X" and they trust them. Would you accept to make a deal with a databroker that will pay your users for using your product, if the technology was open and the business ethical?
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