How to find more backers on Kickstarter

Christy Lee
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Hi Makers! For the last year I have been working hard on a new venture turning my art into pins, patches, stickers and apparel. After months of being a chicken I finally pulled the trigger on my Kickstarter to release my first pin series. It was going really well but now it seems I’ve hit a wall. I have about 2 weeks left and need some ideas on how to get it in front of more eyes. I have a number of mental health issues revolving around cptsd and major depression and anxiety (overshare I know) but I haven’t been this excited or passionate in a project in a very long time. So this truly means the world to me. I have tried a number of things and because I’m just starting this journey I don’t have a big following but any tips or ideas are beyond appreciated. Thank you so so much in advance. Here is the link to the project, I know I have a pretty niche audience I need to target.


Congrats on getting your campaign off the ground - especially in light of the personal challenges you are facing. That's admirable. My recommendation would be to "do things that don't scale". Spend time finding out where folks who are fanatical about these kinds of products hang out online, maybe Facebook groups, Slack channels, Telegram groups... find folks who are into this niche and craft a very personalised pitch for why they should invest in your campaign. tldr: get the campaign in front of the exact folks who love this kind of stuff.