Should we have an option for unreached goals? 🤔

Luis Dobreira
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I'm going to give up on one of my goals... Unfortunately, I don't see any options for unreached goals. Should we have one?


Mohamed Barami
Never give up there is always a solution. motivate yourself and focus on learning more. you can reach out to me i can try to help.
Luis Dobreira
Thanks @mrmobarami for your kind words! I just decided to give up on my idea to learn Python, I'm going to focus on Javascript and PHP only.
Dan Edwards
What would the ideal solution be for you? Would you like an option to mark it as not achieved or a simpler way to remove it? You can always change your goal if it's no longer applicable to you. If you want it removed, all you need to do is edit the goal and just delete the text and hit enter, it'll remove it.
Luis Dobreira
@de Yes, I was thinking in something like an option to mark it as not achieved... Maybe that just makes sense to me :)