What have you learnt this year that you are willing to put into play for the future?

Tayela Petterwood
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Mine is that it's important to really focus on your business' core values and overall ethics, so not all trends and marketing ploys will benefit you unless it alines with your overall message. I'm currently building on this and changing marketing tactics for the future.


Good point, that's also one learning I had - there is no blueprint that works for everyone and every business, not even if you copy a business idea and it's model. Plus: meditating; setting goals and tracking them is probably one of the most important things that help me stay focused and keep a clear vision.
I’ve learnt that there are certain things that can’t be rushed eg understanding people and their motivations to build worthwhile and valuable relationships, more and more I try to appreciate my patience (since I often lack it) so will try to be more patient with processes and others
Ryan Hoover
I'm working to say "no" more and focus on the things that bring me energy.