When's the right time to launch on Product Hunt?

Alison M. Fowler
2 replies
Hey team - do you think "sign up" and asking for an email address is not the way to go? Vs. fully saas product that the person can sign up? Basically I want to know, when's the right time to put my product on product hunt?


Hi Alison, I'm not sure I understand the question here but will do my best to answer! I think "sign up" if you mean free trial options are a great way to get potential customers to play with your product before committing to pay. If you require payment upfront and they are unhappy with the experience they will probably request a refund anyway, so why not make it easier to avoid churn by giving them some experience up front at no cost? As for launching on Product Hunt - the best time is when your product is live and ready for folks to use.
Juliet Oberding
Alison, Take a look at Ship and see if that might work for you. We are using the Pro version for a Dapp we are creating. You can check out Upcoming to see how it is being used with different types of products.