Tips for improving SEO

Kristian Naess
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Hi, Do you guys have any tips for this? We have a Wordpress site and have been using the Yoast SEO without any success so far.


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Hi, I began using Ghost, it's great for SEO. I know it's hard to get traffic, but create your content and title are based on SEO keywords. Add a catchy Title and use SEO-friendly keywords in your content. Focus on Long-Tail keywords. Create a newsletter and share with your subscribers. Post the material to the distinct appropriate forum. Above all keep posting good and related content article. Generally generating traffic takes a few weeks to months. It needs to rank well in search rankings. Don't expect quick results. I hope these tips help you.
Somehow I find Yoast pretty good, how much time it has been since you launched your website and implemented Yoast?
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@1992gaurav Hi, we launched it 3 weeks ago. Do you think we only have to be more patient?
@kristian_naess Oh yes Kristian, it takes at least a week for search engines to just index your pages after you submit the sitemap. So go ahead and do that first if you have not done.