Improving my music app

eddy may
3 replies this is my app.i want to make it better.can you give me ideas how to do it?


Ferenc Forgacs
@goodocean hey Eddy, I think, the first thing you'll need is an English description for your application :) I installed it because you posted it here, but I don't know a lot about its functions based on the description in the app store. I was trying to test it, but it doesn't seem to work on my device (Xiaomi A1). It took about 2-3 seconds for the UI to respond to my gestures, and after I switched to another application, the sounds still kept playing in the background for about a second. Some kind of onboarding process would be great as well. There are a lot of functions in your app and it's hard to figure out what they do just by the icons. I think you should also consider using some kind of UI kit for the layout, to make it more consistent and easier to use. Keep going, and let me know if I can help you with additional tests.
Karming Chin
Hey Eddy, I think it's a good start to start asking for feedback. A few things I noticed: -Like Ferenc said, an English description would be really helpful -Design wise, it doesn't really intrigue me in using it. The boxes, the colours as well as positioning seem quite unorthodox and unstructured. I would definitely suggest going on Dribbble or Pinterest to get some idea. -The preview of the app, definitely try to keep every screenshot restricted to a single frame, rather than extending over a few. Just easier to visualize imo. In terms of improving, I personally think you should elaborate a bit on: - What you'd like to improve? Do you want to make it more intuitive, more song selections, etc? - Your goal with the app: what do you want to achieve with it? In essence, by elaborating your goal, it's much easier to pinpoint how/where to improve. -For example, if your target is kids, then you should make it more intuitive for them in adding different sound effects (with images/icons). - Or, if your target is amateur/professional musicians, then you should add more tools in adjusting volume, background, etc Good luck!