How did you find your technical co-founder?

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Having the right match of founders is somewhat a success factor for any startup. I have been trying to get a perfect tech co-founder (marketing is my cup of tea) for my new product and not yet succeeded in it. But I can see lots of tech co-founders working with marketing co-founders to make some of the best products out there. Can you tell me the mantra to get the best tech cofounder?


Mitch Gillogly
Create a pitch deck is my number one piece of advice. I networked a lot before making a pitch deck but had no results until I began sending my pitch deck to people.
Lonny Kapelushnik
After spending years doing things solo I'm starting to think that what is important with a co-founder isn't how good they are at their craft, but how well you get along and how strong their desire is to build the same style of company. The reason I am thinking this is because I am realizing that as a founder your goal isn't necessarily to be doing marketing/software development/etc. indefinitely - it's to get things moving in the right direction. Which is to say, it's pretty easy to develop a product that mostly works and (I imagine) it's pretty easy to get 10 or 100 users/customers, but it's hard to do _both_ at the same time by yourself when you don't know a lot about _each_ discipline. If you find someone who is likeminded to you then you can let them point a separate discipline in the right direction knowing that they care about the same things as you. Once you have some momentum it's easier to hire people (either because you have revenue or because it's reasonable to get personal or institutional investment) who can better perfect and scale the seed you planted. That's my current train of thought anyways - happy to hear any thoughts or feedback on this as well :)
@lonnylot Yes, I think for startups there should be someone who can fully (or at least 80% ) handle the product development, so people like me (The marketers) can focus on going it to the right people and making revenue out of it. Thanks for the suggestions @lonny kapelushnik
Oliver Randall Mochizuki
When I created Fundsurfer I needed a tech co-founder as I can't write a line of code, ideally with PHP skills, so I sourced 20 local, freelance developers with that expertise and called them all first, then out of the 20 I had coffee with around 8 I think and as soon as Derek and I got chatting I knew he would be the perfect co-founder! Not a perfect strategy but was effective!
Corey Stone
I'm in the same boat - I'm a product designer struggling to find a tech co-founder. Are there any good founder-finding / matching sites or services?
Ian A
Hi @coreywstone I'm working on a founder finding service right now. It's in my profile if you're interested.
Is there any Tech cofounders here, can they mention what attracted them to non-tech founders?