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I am a passionate WordPress Developer, but i want to dive into the world of JS because it seems to be the next big deal in the tech world. My issues are on how to start, where to begin and how to stay on track. Got any advice for me, i'll really appreciate. Thanks


@web_developer Grasshopper is a fun app built by ex-Googlers that teaches the basics in game form.
Tkachenko Arthur ~UA~
@web_developer i have an internship program, where you can learn on practice
Ferenc Forgacs
@web_developer I would say, don't start with learning a framework, try to learn some Vanilla JS first. Here is a great free course to get started: https://javascript30.com/ Once you've done that, take a look at this video for fundamentals of OO JS:
After these, it'll be easier to get started with any popular JS framework.
Peter Lee
I did this course on Udemy by Jonas Schmedtmann https://www.udemy.com/the-comple... Covers pretty much everything and works from the ground up in a logical fashion. I can also vouch for the JavaScript 30 course. The teacher, Wes Bos is really good! He has a podcast with Scott Tolinski called Syntax, they have a few episodes on JavaScript fundimentals: https://syntax.fm (Ep. 162) As Ferenc Forgacs says, steer clear of frameworks, things like ReactJS, Vue, and jQuery. Learn 'vanilla JS' (it's just a term for straight up JavaScript). You'll learn when tools like ReactJS and jQuery are handy, but you won't be reliant on them.