How do you know if you have a good mobile game idea?

Mariana Muntean
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@mariana_muntean Marianna, I most definitely believe that there is almost no such a thing as 'good idea' for a mobile game. You can take a trash idea and make it gold simply by execution and marketing. I had an amazing idea for a game once, everyone loves the idea and thought the game is gonna be amazing, but I failed to execute because of lack of experience and funds. Few years later a game came out exactly as I imagined it being done, and it was a major success...
@porthas thank you for your opinion! I feel the same way. What would've you done differently?
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@mariana_muntean Plan more. That's my biggest problem, always. Should have planned entire thing on the paper first, before starting development. I kind of took agile approach to development of a video game app, trying to figure it out as I go. That lead to many delays, setbacks, and other issues. Need to do as much as you can before you start developing.
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@mariana_muntean Hey Mariana, A good way to determine whether or not it's a good mobile game is if you can answer it with a framework. - What: What is your product? How is it different from competitors? - Why: What is the goal it is trying to achieve? How will your game answer to your consumers' needs - what will make them play it? - Who: Who are your users? What are their personas? - Where: As important as the "Who" as they work hand in hand - different countries/cities have different cultures which ultimately impacts how well it's received. - When: Relates to the launch phase (pre, during and post) if you do a good job at position/branding the game in the mind of the consumers. Tremendously influences how well it's received (brand image).
@karming_chin Such a thorough answer! I loved the marketing approach of your answer! How do you know you're doing a good job in pre-launch phase and how do you avoid some of possible mistakes early?
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@mariana_muntean Talk to potential users
@mitchgillogly yup! The question is what channels are credible and what if there are two or multiple target segments?
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