How PurpleAds Became Our Most Successful MVP Ever

Yosi Dahan
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ProveSource ( is one of the leading social proof platforms available out there. More than 20,000 websites use ProveSource to increase trust, conversions and sales on their website. But, there is a critical pre-requisite to make it work for you and your website: traffic. If your website has no traffic, you won’t be able to generate social proof. Traffic = conversions + sales = revenue = social proof. That’s why we have decided to create PurpleAds (, to help our customers and everyone else, drive more traffic to their website. How It All Started: We've decided to create a small landing page for PurpleAds inside ProveSource's dashboard, just to see what would happen. No domain, no public landing page, no search terms - nothing. Just a small landing page inside our own dashboard for our own customers. We really had nothing, we just wanted to collect 100 emails / clicks from interested people, in order to start working on it. That's one of the best ways to really evaluate your idea. In just 3 months, we have collected more than 1,500 responses from interested publishers / advertisers. We then decided to plan and build a small MVP with limited targeting & features, even no password reset. On Feb 6th, 2020 we have launched the first version of PurpleAds, and sent out a short message to our customers. This was our most successful MVP we've ever built. Stats From the First Month of PurpleAds: 1. More than 100 publishers are active in our network. 2. We’ve paid more than $1000 to our publishers (!). 3. 120+ ads were approved, with a total of 800K impressions and 17K clicks (!). 4. We see high CTR with an average of ~3.8%. 5. Our advertisers got a positive ROI, low CAC. PurpleAds For Advertisers: PurpleAds is a great way to reach different audiences worldwide through an exclusive network of websites, effortlessly. Advertise your website, product or service to visitors worldwide using our beautiful, non-intrusive ads. PurpleAds For Publishers: With PurpleAds, you can create a new revenue stream by showing non-intrusive ads on your website with ProveSource’s style and simplicity. Fun facts: - One of our advertisers was billed extra $40 by mistake (shit happens, it's an MVP). - Our targeting is super simple: country, device and website category. - We've changed our pricing model 3 times in a single week. - We got blocked by AdBlock which is a great honour (LOL). To sum up: CRAZY!
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