The most effective marketing strategies for SaaS products

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Content marketing, social media ads and posts, SEO, influencers, affiliate programs, emails... What works best and is not too expensive?


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@andrey_mi All of these would work more or less depending on your SaaS, market saturation, etc. I always swear by SEO and it has been good for me for each and every project. I am a strong believer in inbound marketing.
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@porthas Thank you for your comment. I assume inbound marketing means various directories where you can post the project, plus "The best apps for..." articles?
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@andrey_mi inbound marketing essentially means "customers find you" instead of you getting "in front of customers" by outbound marketing means such as social media ads etc. Meaning people who actually have a problem and they search for a solution are much more likely to convert..
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@porthas Thanks. But I many cases there are solutions already. Yours may be better but not unique. You can try to suggest some competitive advantage using outbound marketing, although in case of inbound marketing they probably will be using some standard keywords to find a solutions and yours won't be at the first page of Google most likely because it's a new product. What do you think?