What’s the most challenging part of sales process?

Varun Nair
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A research found that 40% of salespeople in startup say prospecting is the most challenging part. I would like to hear from you about that.
Close deals?


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@rrhoover What do you think? lets start with you !
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@saleshackerconf any suggestions ?
On one hand, I would agree that prospecting is the more difficult of the two. You could have a great product/service, but if no one knows about it because of a lack of proper prospecting, then no sale is made and so no revenue. You have to first identify your target market and then figure out your marketing technique to get your product or service in front of them. The flip side to this argument is also true. Consider that now you are sitting on tons of good, qualified leads, but you are the world's worst closer - meaning that you have no clue about walking a prospect through the sales process to close. Of course, you will probably pickup a few "lay down" sales - the ones where the prospect eagerly fills out and signs the paperwork and has his credit card in hand, ready to complete the sale with minimal input from you. You will generate some revenue from those, but you would have left a mountain of deals on the table because of poor sales techniques and skills. Hope this helps.
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@courtney_smith Really amazing points you have mentioned here! Thank you so much. However what would you do if you have a product and yet you are unable to find the target audience how do you challenge yourself here !? What steps you would develop to find those target audience and How ?
@iamvarunnair I'm not sure I understand your question. Are you implying that you developed a product without first identifying (1)your potential market, and (2) the need that this product/service would fill in the marketplace, or (3) is this just a hypothetical question? Let me know which it is and that would help me to refine my response.
In fact, on further thought, I can confidently say that, until and unless you have first identified a solid market for your product/service and by extension, the viability of that offering, you have nothing. It would be ill-advised to pursue such product/service without satisfying these first two, very critical criteria.