How do I get "real" users?

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I posted my blogging platform I'm building on Product Hunt and Indie Hackers recently - - and it has 103 upvotes, 134 users and 115 sites. However, most of the sites contain no posts, or one which just contains something like "test". I haven't found any sites that are using it to create an actual blog. I attempted to contact most users to find out why they were reluctant to use it and if there were any improvements I could make, but I've only recieved one response after a few days that just advised me to make some small UI improvements, which I've done. I'd love it if anyone could give me some tips on how to get users that use the platform to make their own blog. Thanks in advance.


@archiebaer Hey, I'll admit that I've found a similar difficulty getting feedback from @MightyForms early users. The main questions people want answers to before trying it out are usually: What makes you different from what already exists and What are some use cases. And I think that's what you can work on. What kind of content matches your product the most (Food blogs, book reviews, opinion pieces, etc,)? What's the target demographic? These are things I didn't pick up on while browsing your website. Best of luck, hope this helps!
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@laura_pompeu Basically the same as medium (individuals, tech startups, etc.) except without medium's branding and related articles and with custom domain support (which medium removed), etc. In other words, your blog is for your content, no one else's.