Crypto fans: what's stopping you from investing?

Douglas Souza
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My team and i figure out most people buy crypto and hold it on their wallets, waiting for the best opportunity to sell. Is it for lack of time to day trade? Or perhaps lack of time to study the market and make better decisions? I fell a lot of people don't even start to invest because they have the same issues. For those who are not traders, have you ever felt this way: lack of time and confidence to invest in crypto? Thanks :)


I just simply think crypto coin is a scam.
Stephan Kreutzer
What's stopping reasonable people from investing is that it is just for speculation, while you don't get your salary in crypto coins and can't buy stuff/services with them, which is the main purpose and point of having currencies in the first place. Investing for gambling to get rich quick, OK, all of these guys probably weren't stopped from investing and did already.
Amanda Trincher
I think time is key. Also, the market is very unstable, which again requires too much time to study even for a microtrade. I'm currently visiting the Gold Investing Hub and learning about more stable investments like precious metals