What do you think about our demo video?

chiddu bhat
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Hi guys, I have just launched the product with 1 active customer. I would love to hear the feedback on product landing page and product demo video. www.thezerowait.com Product demo video
Thanks is advance!!


Chris Nash
@interceptor I think the video is really good. The only advice I could give is you didn't hit me with a problem first, and I missed the first text on the video, so I didn't know what I was watching until I got half way in. Once I understood what you do and why, the video was great. If you could lay out the problem and what you do at the beginning I would have been up to speed quicker. What your customers say on your website might potentially be some of the best content you've written as to why you do what you do and what problem you solve. (And I believe you can solve a real paint there).
Douglas Souza
@interceptor @chris_nash_ Agree 100%. If you are just launching and people don't know you, the first thing you should let very clear is the problem you are solving. I'd also put more focus in the text and not in the product/screen.