Growing your audience before you launch

Mitch Gillogly
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This blog post on Medium talks about growing your audience pre-launch What are the best methods for doing that?


Dason Goh
@mitchgillogly Really nice share! Why have I not seen this before? :D
Ryan Hoover
@mitchgillogly we built a tool to help with this called Ship. Our goal is to make it easier for makers to start building an email list and community/gather feedback from interested people. Many people use this to manage beta testers. That said, you mostly still need to find the people yourself, which I realize is challenging. At the highest level, I recommend clearing mapping out who you're building for, find where they hang out, and do everything you can to introduce your "solution" to their "problems" without being spammy. Also, take a look at this blog post about Building in Public. It might be useful.
Astha Sharma
@mitchgillogly Very good find! It's very important to do research since it's out there