What do you think about customer churn surveys?

Corey Pollock
2 replies
Hey everyone! I would love your input on a customer churn survey product I'm researching. For subscription businesses, understanding why your customers are churning is critically important to improving your product and reducing churn. So I'm curious – are you currently using churn surveys when your users cancel their subscriptions? If yes, what tools are you using, and if not, why not?


Tanuj Diwan
I prefer to have Qualitative user interviews with people who have stopped using our product and are likely to churn. Me or our Customer Success team takes care of understanding the reasons why. Luckily our Retention is more than 98% so I still don't have to send Surveys to them. And if the churn rate starts increasing, I will go for Surveys( Using SurveySensum ofcourse ;)) right after they downgrade their plan or send a cancellation request asking ( 1. How satisfied were you with the product overall 1-5? , 2. Why do they give this score? 3. Their reasons for leaving us( if any)- Only to people who gave a good rating and still left
Dwayne Charrington
We deal with Saas-based ERP solutions, and we use automated on-page churn surveys when the customer cancels the subscription to collect more feedback. Our sales team picks it up to retarget the customer and retain them. If the customer doesn't fill out the on-site survey, we send it via mail to get a response. Churned surveys have helped us improve our retention rate. So, I agree that they are essential for any business. As for the tools, we use Qualaroo because it helps us with both on-site and email surveys. The tool also lets us add custom targeting conditions to target the specific customer behavior. Hope this helps.