Testing Backend Frameworks

Sahil Kapur
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I really want to test backend frameworks against each other. I want to know if I can build a faster back-end service in Go, Python, Java, or Node. I know that the general accepted thought it Go > Node > Java > Python in speed, but I want to dig deeper and see how much faster, where are the limitations, how easy are the services to scale, etc. Unfortunately, doing a test like this is super hard because there are too many variables: how optimized is the server? What compiler is used? Where is running? What are the configurations? The short answer is that I want to test stuff as out-of-the-box as possible, as in what the configuration would be if an average developer was to build and ship it. In short, I want to be able to test the benefits and drawbacks of different stacks. Any advice?


Louis Grenard
@sahil_kapur honestly speaking I would just say pick one where you feel the most comfortable with and get started. I've started with PHP at the beginning building my own MVC framework, then I switched to Node.js with the Express micro framework; then with Sails.js and now I stick to AdonisJs for everything related to back-end stuff. It can basically do anything you want and it is reliable. So my advice is, according to the language you feel more comfortable with, pick one. Or if you have time, depending on your context you could try to make some comparisons, but the most important thing here is you stick with one and get started.
Sahil Kapur
@louistiti_fr I've built several projects in python before, and for my internship I'm using Spring Boot. But the whole purpose of this project is to try to compare different stacks and perhaps make a something useful other devs can check before they begin a project