Share your recently launched personal portfolio or blog

Ram Patra
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Hello Makers, I created this discussion for everyone to share their newly (or about to be) launched portfolio or blog website. With this coronavirus pandemic, there can't be a better time to make an online portfolio for yourself, given that we would be at home at least until March. You don't need to know how to code to make an online portfolio or blog so go ahead and make one soon. And, if you need any help then please free to ask on this thread. I can't wait to see what others have built or will build. Cheers!


Ram Patra
Let me start first. I recently launched my personal blog at and shared some of my blog posts on HackerNews and Reddit and got quite a number of visitors so thought of sharing it on ProductHunt too. I would love to know what you think of the blog in terms of user-friendliness, design, content, performance optimisation, seo, or just anything.
Sam Alexander
Https:// - this is my mobile app development portfolio website, would love to get your feedback on some of my work!
Ram Patra
@sam_alexander1 loved your portfolio website. All good but just one minor comment I would like to make. I wanted to see your projects too but I couldn't find any links to your project on your portfolio website. If you could include links then it would be perfect 👌
Ram Patra
@sam_alexander1 yes, I can see the screenshots of all the apps you've created on your website but what I wanted is to go to the app store where I can learn more about the apps, install it, etc. So, if you can "linkify" them on your portfolio, it would be great.
Kevin T. Stein
@sam_alexander1 Without information on what was done to create those screens, I, as a "potential market," have no idea what's what, especially since the images shown on the details page is just a larger version of the image on the home page, also with no details. Not even a description of what the project does, what challenges there were, what victories, how was it post launch, the team, interaction with the client, anything, really. Or did I miss things?