Getting Insurance for your “Wacky Startup”?

Jimmy Hsu
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Hey PH! I’ve been absolutely struggling to find an insurance partner for a policy that will cover me (and other people) going to people’s with giant torches to bbq for them. I’ve been called “wacky” by a few reps from traditional insurance, so I’m wondering if circus of fire performance insurance might be where I need to go. So far feedback is that this is a pretty strong requirement before they would pay someone to come light big fires in the pursuit of delicious food at their house. Does anyone have any ideas? Would love to hear them!


@202accepted what is your startup idea? have you spoken to caterer's or food trucks and asked how they get insurance?
Jimmy Hsu
@abadesi a few caterers I spoke to don’t carry umbrella insurance (or any at all). Haven’t tried food trucks yet, great idea! My concern is that it’s often with an open flame that’s larger than average (3-4ft). I would hate to get insurance, then have claims denied cause the provider didn’t realize what they were covering ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
@202accepted ahh seems tricky. I don't have anything specific but I know insurance companies love certificates that the staff is able to handle dangerous situations that may occur, certificates for the materials and tools used (look for big names ig TÜV Rheinland, and if this isn't enough: have you thought about limiting the maximum amount or increasing the deductible (a high deductible is a good way to demonstrate your confidence in what you do)
Jimmy Hsu
@olevonboys it’s more no-one’s ever insured something like this before. Essentially I’m going to people’s houses and cooking with a really big torch. I found individual fire performance insurance, but I might ask if they can write a special policy since this is even less dangerous than actual fire performance.
Jon Allay
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Purple Ocean
I don't think there are special insurance start up companies, but big insurance suppliers definitely have such a deal for beginning entrepreneurs. Try to get in touch with Geico via these contacts , I am sure they could suggest you a good solution.
Mark Lense
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