Do you have a cool idea for a web app?

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Hey y'all! I want to build and launch a web app this summer, but I don't know what to build 😅. Please let me know if you have a cool idea for a web app!


Louis Grenard
@demisstruiksma hello! There are a lot to accomplish out there. Do you have something that you need for yourself? Something that is missing in your daily life or simply missing?
@louistiti_fr Hi Louis! I can't really think of anything that I miss in my daily life, or anything missing in general that I could solve with a web app. That's why I am hoping that someone else has a cool idea for me to build. 🙌🏽
Lucas Ghilardi
@demisstruiksma a matching web platform for travelers and international students. You really can sell that for milions here in brazil. I can help you with that!
Johan Bavaud
@demisstruiksma an app to support the organisation of a full escape game championship. I created one in my country which works well and sell the project 18 months after launch. At this time I would be happier to have such an app instead of creating everything from scratch. It's a niche market with real needs. The website for inspiration (which I don't own anymore: