How to create an audience for makers

Aziz Akgul
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Hi makers, Having an audience of your target users is a great way to test, get feedback and sell products. Unfortunately it’s very difficult to build one. There are apps like Buffer that help companies manage their many social accounts. But I believe we need an app that focuses on the strategies of building the audience of a person (maker). I’m thinking about building such an app to basically solve my own problem. I imagine such an app would: - integrate your social networks with your address book to provide better context than just “followers” - remind you to post regularly to form a habit - suggest topics to talk about and people to connect with I’d love to hear your thoughts if this is a problem for you as well or if you’ve already found proven strategies.


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@aziz_akgul What's the logic behind building one versus accessing an existing one?
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@abadesi Current solutions are more geared to companies or agencies managing many accounts. I guess personal social media management needs more context on who your connections are, their connections and what they are talking about
Founder & CEO, Hustle Crew
@aziz_akgul I like the idea of getting employees - if they consent - to share their work address books to ensure clients in the CRM are also followed/included in the online community.