Is this a good thing to make a list of "Female developers available for hire"?

Sergey Kudryashov
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Hey, could you please advice — we are making lists of developers available for hire by tech stack and other params, but is it good to make special page for female developers? From one side it looks like a good thing — all this movements for Women in Tech and other organisations, but from the other side... I don't know 🤷🏻‍♂️


@quser Good question! I was thinking of the Simon Sinek TED talk - *why* do you want to make this list? Thinking that through could help decide.
@quser for me, it doesn't look good from any side. If I am hiring someone, I want him or her to be skilled, not male/female, If I am a job candidate, it is exactly the same. Nobody wants to be hired because he/she is a male/female.
Sergey Kudryashov
@luqa @foreverhannahle cool, thanks, but could you explain all this fuzz about Women in Tech and all strange "female In tech workforce increase" then? for what?
@quser if there is someone out there advocating that companies should hire people because of their sex, Clearly you need to evaluate for yourself if this movement is in line with the core values of your business. I am not on social media and I don't spend much time on news, but if this movement is a big as you say, your business can gain from it. I wouldn't try to gain from something I don't believe in, but clearly everybody is different.
@luqa @quser "strange" lol. The tech industry was predominantly men, so this women in tech movement empowers women to join the industry. Totally separate from how they want to be treated, which is with respect and equality to others doing the same role. To be hired because they're good at the job, not because they're a woman