Looking for people who love (1) podcasts/blogs, (2) learning new things, and (3) tech products!

Jaryd Hermann
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Hi everyone! If you listen to podcasts, read blog posts or watch videos as a source of learning (like me), then I'd love to hear your feedback on a new app I'm working on! In short, we're developing a learning platform that uses machine learning to help people get smarter about topics that matter to them by simplifying the world's information and curating personalized-learning playlists (from podcasts episodes, blogs, videos, etc) from the best sources and thought-leaders. I'm looking for beta users who love (1) podcasts (2) learning new things, and (3) tech products. If you're keen to help out (with early access benefits!), you can find out more and join here: www.seroiqo.com


Steve Connerton
Sounds awesome, I'll check it out!
Steve Connerton
Looks like your site is having DNS issues.