What articles from other makers that helped you a lot on your indie maker journey?

Tobi Hikari
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Hey folks, i would really appreciate your help - i am building a Indie Makers Launch List with a​rticles you need to read before launching a startup. Written by​ ​the most successful indie makers. Here is the list so far with the categories I have in mind: https://growthhacklist.com/indie...


Ryan Hoover
@toomaime a few blogs I've learned a ton from (hard to choose a specific post): @andrewchen at andrewchen.co @nireyal at nirandfar.com
Nir Eyal
@rrhoover Thank you! And @toomaime put me down as a big @paulg fan!
Tobi Hikari
@rrhoover @paulg @nireyal Thanks Ryan and Nir for answering - any articles you would point out as a must read?
@toomaime I loved the PH Maker Story with Hire Tech Ladies founder Allison Esposito 😊 linked here
Tobi Hikari
@abadesi Thanks - ! Awesome will add it...building a community can be quite hard. Failed with it couple of times. Hope i will succeed with Growthhacklist this time :-)