Why doesn't today feed update more than once through the day. Shouldn't the feature be dynamic

Kyle Hendrick
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Pretty annoyed with PH "today" and the search result UX/UI. Am I the only one with these problems? #1) I posted my app yesterday and far surpassed almost half of the featured products in terms of upvotes yesterday. I understand the featured algo doesn't precisely link to upvotes but I think its pretty crappy the list remained the same for the entire 24 hours and is still the same today (now yesterday). Isn't the goal of this site product promotion and discovery? I feel like there needs to be updates more often to the "today" feature to show which products are actually getting the most attention and organic upvotes. #2) I think it is also pretty shit that a product with over 50 upvotes isn't even searchable. They require you to check a box in the bottom left of the search results page to display "all products". If I am searching for something, shouldn't it include all of the products?? Imagine searching any site and it only showing you what they have featured. That is the exact opposite of how this site should work, right? I've invested in over 100+ venture backed start ups and just tried to launch my own product for the first time on PH and I am absolutely blown away with how counter intuitive this platform is. Having PH hunter "influencers" also doesn't make sense to me since anyone can just upvote a ton and they essentially carry more weight. Shouldn't it be users with subject matter knowledge that are "influencers" for product promotions here. I'm lost....