Agile Frameworks & Tools for Startups - Scrum, Kanban, etc.?

Kenny Hanson
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Coming from enterprise tech consulting, Scrum was the most popular agile framework - also a lot of buzz around Scaled Agile Framework (SAFe). What are startups using? Considering the popularity of Trello, I'm assuming it's a lot of Kanban. Is Scrum too heavy a process for you all? Are you establishing cadence with Kanban? Looking for general feedback on popularity/success using different frameworks & tools. Any Trello alternatives that people like for Scrum?


@kenneth_hanson So many questions here! We use Trello at Product Hunt if helpful.
Luu Dao
@kenneth_hanson I think for early stage I'm going with Feature-driven development. For later stage you should mix & match between teams :D our design team use Trello, but for devs it's better if you use Jira