Good domain extensions for community-based startups?

Asher Weintraub
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I was really set on .co, .com, or .xyz. But they all cost around $25,000+ or are taken. As a student, that's totally out of the picture. Does anyone know any good alternatives for [generally] sub-$1000?


Asher Weintraub
I was thinking maybe meet[companyname].com/.co or get[companyname] if nothing else is available, although these seem to be a lot of money as well.
Dan Edwards
@ashman1012 Getting domains is tough! These services have helped me find cool alternatives: / / and
Asher Weintraub
@de Thanks Dan! I'll take a look. GoDaddy's "Domain Broker Service" also is available for many of the taken domains - do you have any experience with it?
Asher Weintraub
Resolved! I ended up finding a good .xyz for like $3!
@ashman1012 I have a .co domain for my side hustle -- I see more and more of them.
Asher Weintraub
@abadesi Yeah. Really wish I could have gotten mine, but I unfortunately don't have quite that much money 😅
Robert van Hoesel
@ashman1012 you can register domain names with the .community extension. It's super descriptive and not too expensive.