What communities are you part of? Share!

Anna Grigoryan
13 replies
Let's see what communities are you part of. I'll start: - Leapers.co - community for freelancers - Indiehackers.com - community for indie makers - Producthunt.com :) What are yours, and why do you like them?


Fajar Siddiq
twitter community
Victor Ribero
I like twitter community like @fajarsiddiq said! I've checked Leapers and it looks good!
PH and HackerNews on a daily basis
Gonçalo Henriques
Family (irl) Twitter Indiehackers PH
Anna Grigoryan
Everyone is twitter fan :D
Andreea Balasa
Twitter, PH, Indie Hackers, Hackernews, and the list goes on. I think I have a problem 😂
Kelly Robert Graver
Similar to a lot of people here: Indie Hackers, PH, trying to get into Twitter more. My question for everyone is do you all have separate twitter accounts for your products or just use your personal account to engage in the community?
Anna Grigoryan
@krgraver I use personal account. Just don't have time to grow together. But in my opinion if you have time having separate account is the right thing.
Jess Tan
Maker's kitchen (a slack group): https://makerskitchen.club/ Reddit The Side Hustle: https://www.reddit.com/r/theside... Reddit Side Project: https://www.reddit.com/r/SidePro... Indie Hackers Makerlog PH
Lewis Hanson
PH Reddit - Startups Reddit - Sideproject Indiehackers :)