What if you have all the drive in the world but no spectacular idea ever occurs to you?

Andrew Truex
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Jérémy Levy
Hey Andrew! If you don't have read it yet, you could read this essay from Paul Graham: http://www.paulgraham.com/startu... It's probably the best thing that i've ever read on the subject.
Why does it need to be spectacular? Ideas are worth nothing -> execution is everything.
Sean Jackson
Great ideas solve hard problems. And the best way to solve hard problems is to spend more time observing the world around you and reflecting on how those problems impact others and how you can potentially solve them. For me the best ideas provide a simple solution to a commonly shared big problem. Note that just because it is simple, it does not mean it is simplistic. Simple solutions are hard and the drive you have should help you uncover them. Good luck and wish you strength for your journey.
Simone Zienna
That's when I'd work on picking up a new skill or study a new language. If you're motivated you'll improve your skillset and at the same time a great idea might come to you during the process