Poll: What cloud platform do you use most often?

Jérémy Levy
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Hello Makers! I'm working on Revolv to automate cloud architecture creation and would love to know what cloud platform do you use most often? Personally, I have always used AWS except for my Kubernetes clusters that were hosted on Google Cloud, for pricing reason. Thanks! ❤️❤️


Zeit Now, pretty sure they are using AWS under the hood. Hope this is helpful!
Thomas Malicet
OVH: VM's are cheap and reliable.
Hanna Welch
Hello to everybody! I prefer to use Google Cloud because it gives 15GB for free. For sharing huge files (about 100GB) it is better to use new helful service FileWhopper
Kalesh Kaladharan
I am surprised by Google Cloud taking the second spot. I thought Azure was better. Looks like I have to give it a try. PS: Literally, I am a huge fan of AWS's old, cluttered UI. I don't like what they are doing with the UI updates.😁
ozhan atali
At first we were using Azure (as our project based on asp.net) till we are accepted to google startup program 🙌 now have stronger server and no problems at all. thanks to Google 😊
Ryan Wilson
I love Firebase , which is part of Google cloud. It's great for auth, database, and cloud functions and has an insane free tier. I use Vercel (formerly Zeit) for hosting