I am new to Producthunt and looking to launch one app product. Can somebody assist me with how?

Muneer Mohammad
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Ola, Please recommend a few influencer profiles to launch my product. Key points: 1) My App is a Business and Personal App - An Innovative idea 2) Going to offer the app for free to use 3) Targeted to every individual and every business Note: Please suggest to me what way to launch, either with own new profile or an influencer profile with long term vision. Thanks in advance.


Edward williams
@muneer_mohammad When you launch a product it would be good if you can launch with someone who has more subscribers or followers ( Influencers )
Ferenc Forgacs
@muneer_mohammad hey Muneer, I think you should take a look at this post: https://blog.producthunt.com/how... Especially this part: Finding a “Hunter”. Feel free to hunt your own product. Having someone else posting is fine, but spending lots of time “finding a hunter” is a distraction. You know your product better than anyone else, and it makes very little difference who hunts the product and how well it performs overall. And this list: https://witty-vc.slite.com/p/cha...
@muneer_mohammad @feriforgacs Agree with this! The blog post has all the main tips. Are there any other elements of the launch you're not sure of?
Muneer Mohammad
@feriforgacs Thanks for sharing the launch guide. Still, I am very curious to see any hunger to launch our product as I have some time to introduce my product. Your recommendations are highly appreciated.