Passwordless login VS Standard password login

Stefan Ninic
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What are your opinions about passwordless login, is it safer, better in terms of user experience, faster then standard password login?


Passwordless like emailing a "magic link" to login? I don't like it because it takes longer than email/password.
Stefan Ninic
@andrefuchs I mean this. And in terms of security and UX?
Sean Jackson
The level of authentication needed for any system is directly proportional to the level of secure information stored in that system. Hence I would want high security on my bank account but accessing a membership site that does not store my CC info, then passwordless is fine (especially if I can just get a SMS code that instantly will validate and log me in).
Stefan Ninic
@seanthinks2020 Passwordless login is considered far more secure than standard password system. Anyone thinking how they have very strong and secure passwords might want to check out this video
I was pretty terrified after watching this :D