The app that knows what to eat is launched - META NUTRITION

Boris Dedejski
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Hi Makers :wave: I am software developer at Meta Nutrition, the platform that knows whats to eat. NO more paid subscriptions, NO more wasted time searching what is best to eat in order to accomplish the wanted results. You just keep doing your job and our app will make the meal plan for you. Stay focused on your training, your meal is our job. Our database contains more than 15,000 foods, and our algorithm decides whats best for you. With the press on one button Generate you will get your meal plan based on algorithm which gives you plenty of meal options in order to achieve your wanted results. We are team of professionals, tech and fitness combined. Our CEO Simone is a certified Nutritionist by the ISSA (International Sport Sciences Association). With one click on a button you will have "advice" from professional. Our Algorithm works depending on your allergens, favorite foods, favorite meal times combining everything in order to make your perfect plan to achieve your goal. Give it a try and check it out: Write your impressions in comments
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