Meta Nutrition is launch!

Ghost Kitty
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Hi Makers 👋 I’m a UX/UI designer of Meta Nutrtition, working on this platform was hard and produce. But it’s just a first step, we need you here. Do you care about your health like, same as me? If your answer is yes, come to our platform and build your healthy meal. Now you didn’t need to keep in mind all the calories of meals, you need only press the button “generate” and the platform will give you a meal plan for a day. Here we are and open to your recommendations and improvements :)


Curt Denier
Thank you for your recommendation! I'm just trying to live a healthy lifestyle and lose a few extra pounds. I always have no idea what delicious and healthy food to make. I spend a lot of time counting calories, proteins, carbs, and fats. Your platform is a great instrument for me. When I eat a healthy diet, I feel much better. I like a healthy lifestyle. It helps me be energetic and happy. Of course, a healthy lifestyle is not just about eating right. Your daily routine, habits, sports, and hobbies all form your way to an ideal life. I often read articles on , which allow me to have even more energy.