Best no-code tools to build online form?

Bansini Doshi
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Hi everyone! I was wondering if anyone has used a good no/low-code tool to build an online form, preferably with features like Logic Jumps/individualized responses? Thank you!


Rakesh Singh
@bansini If you are looking for a free tool, Google Forms tops the list. Though I prefer Typeform. Typeform makes sures that your forms stand out.
@bansini @raakesh_singh agree! Google Forms are great but Typeform have more flexibility around design :)
Dan Edwards
@bansini Would recommend Typeform, 100%
Bansini Doshi
@raakesh_singh @abadesi @de Thanks for the suggestion of Typeform, it has the design quality and logic flow flexibility I was looking for! :D
Nate Beechley
Wow, thanks for a good question and as good answers. Guess who's bookmarks have gotten a new entry! :o)
Sam Dickie
@bansini - Airtable has a great form builder you can embed into your site - only issue it doesn't have conditional logic as far as im aware. As everyone else has mentioned TypeForm is the best if you need conditional logic.
Bansini Doshi
@thisdickie Airtable's form builder looks really useful. I've also started tinkering with Coda... I love the features on these tools, but I like the unified nature of google drive/docs/sheets as well. Wish we didn't have to choose!
Alejandro Mizraji
@bansini Google Forms is the best free option. Typeform is way more beautiful but it has a limit of 100 responses a month I think. A month ago or so I found another option but they haven't launched yet, it is called, it is like a form but with more interaction to collect answers. Hope it helps you!