Sourcing participants for early user research

Arda Karaçizmeli
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Hey Makers! We're building a product aimed at people in the tech industry. In an effort to better understand the space, we've created a survey, to which we're struggling to find respondents for. What's your go to when finding participants for your early research?


@ardakaracizmeli I Would Use Places Like StackOverflow, TechSpot, Lifeheacker, ComputerHope And LifeWire Etc. I Could Keep Going too lol Like Digitaltrends, Engadget All The Top Forums And Review Sites
Abhinav Sharma
@ardakaracizmeli For early research I've tried surveys online but it didn't gave some response which helped to decide things in product development. Manual survey is still I believe one of the best thing based on my recent experience. One has to run in field for reaching to people but it works. Recently for my sports app, I didn't got the response online so decided to reach academies and talked to coaches, players, kids, parents in general with the set of questions I have for survey. In 2 week of field survey I had the data which helped us to proceed in right direction. We couldn't generate that number of responses online even after month. You are in tech industry so it's relatively easy to talk to few number of developers, designers by meeting them directly. If you are in co-working space, it's relatively easy else your friends in other companies can assist you. I hope you already considered this option. Happy to be the genuine respondent for your survey if required.