How to get your first 1,000 app downloads

Jace J Perry
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Hello, I recently released a GIF based exercise fitness mobile app and in the middle of looking for the most effective lean way to reach 1,000 downloads in order to collect feedback and iterate accordingly? It would be nice to have a website with an active community with target user filtering that would be willing to test new apps/features and provide feedback for a small fee...


armel beaudry kembe
@jaceperry Have you tried Facebook ads? It might help you easily get your first 1,000 downloads easily if you have a few dollars to spend.
Jace J Perry
@armelbeaudry do you have a resource you recommend on how to create the best fb ad?
armel beaudry kembe
@jaceperry I wish I could suggest you a youtube video that has everything you need but I couldn't find a good one myself. The best resource I can point you to is the Facebook tutorial . It will be good enough to get you started. I will tell you at this stage and for what you are trying to achieve you will be able to achieve by yourself with the basics.
Ferenc Forgacs
@jaceperry hi Jace, if I were you, I would probably post my app on fitness specific Facebook groups, and subreddits. I would also send it to bloggers and online magazines. And as Armel said, you can also try Facebook ads, they have a specific solution for apps:
Jace J Perry
@feriforgacs going to start on your recommendations today and will keep you updated on what worked out best. Cheers!
George Koshy
@jaceperry there is a Reddit for beta testers (r/betatests and r/alphaandbetausers) who can give you feedback. Just check it out and see whether it helps. Do tell us your experience
Jitesh Dugar
@jaceperry Hi Jace, My best wishes for your app. Here are my suggestions to get your first app users - 1. Optimize your app landing page with beautiful screenshots, icons, etc. to convert store listing visitors to downloads 2. 65% of app users discover an app through app store searches, so focus on optimizing your app for high-traffic keywords. You can use tools like AppAnnie or SensorTower to research high-traffic keywords and optimize your app description for these keywords. 3. Submit your app on relevant communities such as targeted subreddits, fb groups, etc. If you have an interesting product, you should also consider launching on ProductHunt, Betalist, 10Words, etc. 4. Encourage your existing happy app users to provide a rating on the play store/app store. Most users browse through past user reviews before deciding to download an app. 5. Add an engaging preview video for your app that users can check before downloading the app. 6. Reduce your app size, focus on battery optimizations, reduce crash rate, etc. Such optimizations help in reducing your app uninstall rate, hence your app climbs up ranking in search algorithms. 7. Listen to your initial app users and keep improving the app based on their suggestions. Hope these help :)
@jaceperry try Instagram DMs - 100 user interviews will give you a lot of feedback. Downloads will not give you qualitative feedback at most quantitative from logging metrics, user activity etc.
girish wadhwani
@jaceperry @gianpaj How do you use Instagram DMs to conduct user interviews?
@jaceperry @girish_w you find people who are following a similar brand like yours and you asked them questions about what they like and dislike about their current solution. For example they like backpacks. You're making a backpack. You ask them what they like or dislike about their current backpack, about how they purchase, try and learn about backpacks they might want to buy. If you're making a "problem interview" focus about their current experience and their problems they see. Not about what they might want or think they want. Facts about their actual needs, is more important at this stage
Doug Petrie
@jaceperry , I will test it out if its available for IOS.
@jaceperry the best way is to ask your friends around and ask them to at least refer one more friend who might be interested in the app.
@jaceperry Launch on Product Hunt? 😅 Be sure to check out our guide on how to make the most out of your launch 🚀 All the best!