Which landing page CTA should I use: "Sign up" or "Download"?

Fabian Kutschera
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Hi! I am currently working on a product idea and I want to test in the market whether people would actually like it that much that they would actually use it. In my context, it is an app. Now I launched a landing page (www.zuster.me)and added a download button which is not really downloading the app. This is my conversion indicator. There is also the common practice to have an "early access" signup feature instead. There are not that many discussions around the question which of the two works better to validate a product idea. What are your thoughts? Also happy for any readings on that topic! Thanks! Fabian


Christine Dart
@fabian_kutschera Hi Fabian! Cool app idea. The scientific way to determine which is the best will always be to test! I’m not sure how you built your landing page, but most website platforms and landing page building platforms offer a way to A/B test different variations. If you built it from scratch and don’t have a simple way of doing that you may want to try sending traffic from one ad campaign to the “download now” page and one ad campaign to the “early access” page. That being said, if you’re short on time, I would personally not even bother with testing in this example and just cut straight to the chase by having the “early access” form directly on the landing page without the download now button. Because A) it’s less clicking and page-loading that people have to do and B) it’s more honest and upfront in a way. Good luck!
Ingo Radatz
@fabian_kutschera Without any scientific background - my personnel preference would be the signup feature.
Anna Filou
Definitely a sign up button instead. Were someone who'd randomly stumbled upon your website, I would have gotten the impression that the app is ready and that I can download it and try it out immediately. I'd click the "Download the App" button expecting to do just that. Instead I'd be redirected to a page that resembles a 404 error page reading "We are not quite there yet :/ Leave us your email so you will get early access". Now, why would I do that though? We're already off to a bad start because you literally lied to me a few seconds ago. Frankly, I don't trust you to deliver on your other promise (a good app) so I don't sign up. TL;DR: DO NOT LIE 🙃