What is the most suitable way to get info from some of users emails into an external application?

Dmitrii Ershov
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Maybe there are other options? Is it possible to create a filter for popular mail servers to forward letters that satisfy the condition to the service email?
Request read permissions for mail on the mail server (but there are many different ones)
Make a plug-in for browsers and offer the user to manually mark and forward letters to the system’s service address (but someone doesn’t use the browser to read email, but receives all the letters in the email client)


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The fastest way: 1. Create mail forwarding filters for major clients 2. Create a browser extension that executes filters
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@pavel_shkliaev Is it possible to make a mail forwarding filter for an email client? How will the users install it in their client?
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@dmitrii_ershov As far as I remember, there are extension systems for clients. For everyone needs to clarify