How do you create/visualize buyers persona?

Vineet Gupta
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Elen Udovichenko
Well, HubSpot has an amazing (and also free) tool to help you get started - . My advice would be to take a look at your current customers (in case you have any). To start with, identify the following: - Country - Industry - Company Size - Titles Also, it's best to have 3 different types of personas from the same company and follow 5/2 rule (contact 5 contacts from the same company and 2 of them must be decision makers with purchasing power). This rule perfectly fits account-based marketing and sales strategies. Here are these 3 types of personas: 1. Evaluator - Director of a department whose team will be utilizing your product 2. Influencer - This is typically an end user in a company 3. Decision Maker - Typically a VP or C-level Executive Hope this helps!