[Developers] Open Source Sponsorship (Roast this idea)

Andrew Pierno
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Hi, I'm working on a product that allows companies to sponsor open source projects. It's different from GitHub sponsors, Patreon, etc in that the developer: 1. Puts a link in their readme 2. Approves sponsors messages 3. The sponsorship message shows up to users (sponsors pay based on CPM) In short, it's an extremely curated ad network that still gives the open-source developer full control over who and what is displayed on their readme, but allows them to monetize their open-source project. Companies prefer this way because they can reach a developer audience while supporting the project directly. Questions: 1. As a *consumer* of open source, would it bother you to see an unobtrusive "sponsored by" image in the README? 2. As an open-source developer, what objections do you have to using something like this?
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