Hello everyone need some advice...

Brigette Keith
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My name is Brigette and I am new to Product Hunt. Pitched live and it was a great experience and I would absolutely recommend anyone to get out there and do your pitch in front of people. However, I am not getting any feedback on here..any thoughts?


Nassos Kappa
@brigette_keith welcome to PH. I’m not an expert here but as a generic comment I believe that the asynchronous nature of digital platforms is the main reason for that. When you speak live, you have your audience’s attention (compared to here where we have to find you and have the time to interact) plus the fact that (most) of us want to socialise in an event (compared to online where the time is limited or the reason for being here might be different). My 2c.
@brigette_keith Welcome! Do you mean feedback on a product you have launched on Product Hunt?
Ferenc Forgacs
@brigette_keith hi Brigette 👋 I checked your product (https://www.producthunt.com/post...) and although I don't have any information about the users of Product Hunt, I'm afraid that your potential customers/users are underrepresented here. Probably that's why the amount of feedback you received is lower than you expected. Have you launched on other platforms, did you experience the same there as well?
@brigette_keith @feriforgacs Agree with Ferenc on this one - what other communities have you launched in? I think here we can give feedback on design, strategy etc. If you share a specific challenge you are facing I'd love to offer advice!
Brigette Keith
@feriforgacs @abadesi This is the first time ever doing anything like this so I am learning as I go including how to really use Product Hunt effectively. Appreciate the feedback already.